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About Me

Hi, I'm Marlon Verasamy, and I'm running for the Essex Junction seat on the EWSD school board this April. We’ve lived in Essex Junction for about 6 ½ years and I feel that I bring a diverse background with me to the position. 

I grew up in Boston, attending Boston Latin School, the oldest public high school in America, before joining the Air Force as a meteorologist. I've spent time living in Texas, Mississippi, the Carolinas, Washington State, Hawaii and Germany.

I currently work for the National Weather Service. I feel that my time in the military and with the NWS has given me a sense of service above self and serving the public is one of best ways to help the community. I feel that serving you on the EWSD School board would align with my experiences there. 

As a father, I've seen my daughter grow and thrive in EWSD schools at ADL and Essex High School. That is not to say that it wasn't without it's challenges. As a mixed family, there have been challenges that she faced in the schools that other families have gone through as well. I feel through our experiences, I can bring another voice, along with the voices of children and parents that spoke out so bravely over the last year. They started the conversation, and I hope to help continue it. 

We also had the honor of hosting an exchange student from France for her senior year here at EHS. Experiencing the year with her, especially coming from a very different school system in France, was very eye opening for all of us and allowed us to see some of the positives and negatives of schools here and in Europe.

I thank you for reading, and would be honored if you choose to vote for me. I promise, I will always try to do my best and listen to you when you think I fall short.

Enjoy the puppy picture of our boys Skippy and Cooper for your time!

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