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What I Learned Wednesdays

On my campaign Facebook page, I ran a series called 'What I learned Wednesday'.  I wanted to share them here.

What I Learned Wednesday: What I Learned as a Father

As I've watched my daughter grow up, she's gone from a young girl who would inquire about the world to my wife and I, to teaching us about how to create a better world.

We tried to not limit her learning but to nurture her capacity for caring and empathy. As with any parent-child relationship, it wasn't without its hard times. From those times, we've seen her find her voice:

From advocating for gun safety reforms with other students at the Statehouse and to the Governor, advocating for her LGBTQI+ friends, protesting to support Black Lives, to speaking out to the community about her own experiences with racism in our school district.

She and her friends have shown us how engaged her generation is with the issues of today, how their voices are strong, and how we need to nurture them and listen them. They are not just citizens of Essex or Vermont, but of the world, and we have to continue to give our youth love and support to find their voice.

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